Treat Yourself Without Drugs: 10 Effective Alternative Methods of Treatment

A drug is an exogenous substance, produced outside the body, which in its journey through the body is hooked by the “molecular locks” or organ-target receptors, thanks to the excipients, “inert” substances that facilitate their absorption. After administration and assimilation of the drug, pathological phenomena related to its mechanism of action may arise, those that are usually defined as side effects or unwanted, produced by the toxic action of the drug or by organic or local reactions to the excipients or to the substance itself.

In recent decades the tendency to seek alternative remedies has experienced exponential growth. The watchword is to treat yourself without drugs, avoiding the use of allopathic pharmaceutical products and their possible harmful effects.


The new disciplines related to alternative medicine preliminarily postulate the body-mind synergy, the traceability of the well-being of the body to the psychic and vice versa. Here are the ten most common – and effective – ways to treat yourself without medication.



  1. Proper Nutrition – It is not very surprising that food is in the first place. It is essential to pay attention to what we introduce into our body. It is not only with regards to moderating quantities, but also controlling the composition of food to avoid the ingestion of toxins produced among other things by the general pollution of the environment, field of study of ecological medicine and on the children of the accused as a cause for the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. The prescribed standards are arcinote, but repetita iuvant, so change the way of eating food, so as not to deprive the body of any nutrients, pay attention to fats, sugars and animal proteins and prefer natural food that are rich in properties such as garlic: //


  1. Phytotherapeutic Remedies – For treatment without medication, it is also possible to resort to the properties of cure without drugs like consuming plants and herbs. The herbal remedies exploit the metabolites of plant material. These remedies include crude plants, essential oils, tablet supplements, juices, root extracts to be administered in weight quantities, then based it on the weight of the subject. Lovers insist on the effectiveness of phytocomplexes rather than on isolated active ingredients.


  1. Ayurvedic medicine – Traditional Indian science provides an essential contribution to this. In the nosological system of Ayurveda, well-being depends on the balance of the three basic metabolic principles for human life, called “dosha” (vata, pitta and kapha). The organism becomes ill when this balance, due to various causes, is not stable. To heal, you can intervene to restore this balance with 5 actions:


– Treatments with oils

– Treatment with grass powders

– Herbal substances

– Diet

– Relaxation techniques



  1. Homeopathic medicine – Another way to treat yourself without drugs is to replace them with substances homologous to the pathogen of the disease in order to enhance the immune response. Homeopathy, with its holistic approach, also pays attention to the patient’s personality for interpretation of the symptom.


  1. Floritherapy – Another therapeutic strategy is the flower therapy that insists on the psychological etiology of a disorder. To the floral extracts to which a vital force is attributed to recomposing a harmonious mental state. This remedy is used primarily to counteract mental malaise and disorders such as anxiety and depression.


  1. Gemmotherapy – By using embryonic tissues during growth, buds or young shoots, galenic compounds are obtained which can be excellent natural substitutes for drugs. The pharmaceutical preparation consists of some phases: extraction, drying, maceration. Contrary to phytotherapy, it does not exploit substances derived from the secondary metabolism of plants. The active components should stimulate a strengthening of the organism as in plant growth, thanks to the energetic potential.


  1. Acupuncture – A full-fledged entry into Western medical practice, although still considered “unconventional,” acupuncture is a tread methodology in the platoon of care without the use of drugs. The mechanism is known as needles are fixed in the tissues of the body to stimulate certain anatomical parts, starting with an inspection of the face and tongue and the auscultation of the body’s odors. This alternative for treatment without drugs serves to restore homeostasis between functional systems, elective technique for the treatment of prolapse, dyspepsia, osteoarticular pain, urogenital affections.


  1. Agopression – Technique twin acupuncture, acupressure is based on stimulation through the use of fingertips – acupressure – of certain points of the body to realign the energy currents. It is effective to intervene on digestive and endocrine problems, headaches, urogenital diseases and other problems.


  1. Osteopathy and Chiropractic – To manipulate the diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system without drugs, it is possible to resort to manipulative strategies such as osteopathy and chiropractic. In particular, the chiropractic charges the vertebral subluxation for the causes of an abnormal nervous transmission. The strategy is to impose a variable force on an osteoarticular segment. You can complete the therapy with physical exercises to amend postural errors.


  1. Bioenergetics – The list of our 10 suggestions for treatment without drugs ends with bioenergetics, a discipline composed of numerous modulation practices – breathing exercises, physical contacts, body position, which are used to release the energy of magnetic fields that they surround the body through suggestion rather than physical contact.

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