10 Best Natural Remedies to Strengthen Your Immune System

The immune system is closely linked to the antioxidant system as it deals with destroying the altered cells produced by oxidative stress, which contributes greatly to the onset of diseases. Therefore, in order to support the immune system, it is necessary to always integrate antioxidants.


Here are the best natural remedies. Discover them and immediately start strengthening your immune system.




It is a fungus and has a general action on the immune system. It produces hypoglycemic effects, corrects hypertension and excess of triglycerides. It is a general regulator of metabolism, supporting its main functions. Mushrooms, in general, strengthen the immune system.




It is also part of the mushroom family, its use is recommended to detoxify, strengthen the body, increase energy and stimulate immune functions. Also, it is indicated in cases of viral or tumor affections. Here more information on it



Angelica Archangelica

The coumarins and polysaccharides of the aqueous extract of this plant have an immunomodulatory action. They stimulate activity of the leucocytes, enhancing it and providing the body with greater defense against external attacks. In general, it plays a carminative, antispasmodic, expectorant and tonic action on the organism.



Fermented Papaya

The papain enzyme, contained within it, has an alkalizing effect and promotes the restoration of acid-base balance. Acidified tissues are fertile ground for the onset of any disease, including cancer. In a basic environment, the pathogenic bacteria die, leaving space for a correct intestinal flora and a stronger immune system.



Echinacea / Propolis

Two very useful remedies. The hydro alcoholic extract should be preferred, especially in the coldest season, both in a preventive and a curative form, in the case of diseases already underway. Both strengthen the immune system: the most suitable Echinacea in cases of cold and stuffy nose and Propolis for burning or throat affections.






It can be considered a panacea as it assists the whole organism in the protection processes and has strong anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the intestine and the pulmonary pathways. It is useful in joint pain, an excellent spleen tonic and clears the mind. The use of the fresh plant should be preferred.



Smoothies / Vegetable Extracts

A good immune system is based on a correct functioning of the intestine, which constantly needs vitamins, minerals, live enzymes that protect the mucous membranes and guarantee correct functioning. The extracts combine the benefit of raw food with an easy absorption in the intestine, without overloading the digestive functions. We recommend at least once a day, preferably when fasting.



Royal Jelly

An ancient remedy we have all heard about, but only a few know its many properties. It is an immunomodulator, stimulates the production of antibodies and is an excellent energetic tonic, which also has a good antioxidant and antibacterial properties.




The lemon juice, which is acidic to the taste, is transformed inside the body, producing a basic effect that counteracts the acidification of the tissues, supporting the action of the immune system. Vitamin C, in general, is useful in the intestinal level to promote the absorption of other substances, such as iron or other remedies, such as those based on mushrooms.



Feeding, Movement and Rest

Last, but absolutely not least is the set of actions that we carry out in everyday life. We are often looking for remedies that can compensate for our distractions, yet it is precisely the constant and continued action over time that guarantees the best results. And then, it is good to keep in mind the precious allies we have for a healthier living,that is Nature.

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